Our company was established in Greece in 1980 by people with 30 years of experience in the field of horizontal/vertical signing and traffic lighting in Genoa, Italy, as contractors and subcontractors for several engineering and construction companies.

Diasimco is one of the pioneer private companies in Greece that started to operate in the field of traffic management, maintaining strategic relationships with private and government controlled organizations, municipalities, consultants and contractors. We employ experienced and specialized personnel along with the appropriate machinery and equipment for implementing various applications.



Our company’s mission is to provide advanced technologies to the highest level of quality, service and value, by using materials of the best quality and endurance in order to succeed the most efficient and reliable result in our projects.

Continuing to expand our offerings of products and services to meet the demands of the industry, you can find in our website an extensive line of traffic products and traffic management systems that meet European and US standards.

Our company applies a management system in line with the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, in accordance with TUV Hellas (TUV NORD Group) procedures.

DIASIMCO is the legal operator of the website www.trafficproducts.gr

10 Acharnon & Stournari St.
10433 Athens
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