Flexible Post PU 75cm Reinforced

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Flexible, round shaped, tube type traffic delineator made of PU (polyurethane) material of orange color. Its unique elastic design offers extreme durability.

Placed on the pavement and used on various traffic management applications like creating parking restricted areas, traffic lane separators, parking zones etc., either for temporary or permanent solutions.

Weatherproof and UV stabilized construction.

Heat resistant +80°C, cold resistant -60°C.

It returns to vertical position after every impact even if it is continuously run over.

The new design with 3 holes offering increased energy absorption.

Available with 3 Ηigh Intensity Grade-Prismatic (class 2+) reflective tapes.

It is based on the ground with 3 screws, washers and Upat DD-PKYS3 (sold separately).

Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length: 8.0CM
Product Width: 8.0CM
Product Heigth: 75.0CM
Product Weight: 1.3KG
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