Speed Bump Economic (Μiddle section)

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Speed Bump made of robust synthetic rubber in yellow and black color. They are installed on the road in order to reduce vehicles’ speed.

Their most common traffic safety applications are in dangerous roads, populated areas, pedestrian crossings, schools, and generally in areas where the importance of limiting vehicles’ speed is crucial for people’s safety.

The speed humps are consisted by the middle and end parts that can be installed in sequence, creating rows of selective length.

The end parts are used at the begging and at the end of the row giving an aesthetic composition.

DA-MT1135 is recommended for use in private, low circulation areas where heavy vehicles are limited.

Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length: 25.0CM
Product Width: 50.0CM
Product Heigth: 3.5CM
Product Weight: 4.0KG
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