Acrylic Road Marking Paint (5Kg)

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Cataphos Acrylic is a durable, chemical resistant, economic line marking paint that is suitable for use on both asphalt and concrete.

Cataphos FS01 Acrylic is aromatic free solvent as Butyl acetate. This is a much cleaner and environmentally friendlier paint.

It is suitable for use on highways and conforms to both EN 1871 and EN 1436 European Standards.

Cataphos FS01 Acrylic may also be used on aged blacktop, thermoplastic coverings, on most type of painted lines and it is suitable for roads, car parks and city applications.

Main Characteristics

  • Very competitively priced.
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray machine.
  • Approved for use on highways, complies with EN 1871 and EN 1436.
  • Suitable for use on asphalt or concrete.
  • Available in white and yellow color.
  • Available in 5Kg pail.

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