Manual Led Warning Triangle 50 Magnetic

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The manual lift warning triangle with the Led flashing lights is suitable for work zone sites & road maintenance vehicles.

  • 1 Manual lift warning triangle (double sided) with 3 Led warning lights (Ø50mm) on each side.
  • 1 Power supply cable length 10 meters.
  • 1 Cigarette lighter plug.

Technical Characteristics

  • Led Operation: Double flash.
  • Led lifetime: >100.000 hours.
  • Ingress Protection: IP44.
  • Operating Voltage: 12/24 VDC.
  • Consumption: 100mA@12V.
  • Speed limit: Up to 110Km/h.
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length: 78.5CM
Product Width: 12.0CM
Product Heigth: 64.3CM

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