High Power Led Traffic Light 200mm (Yellow-Yellow)

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The DC-FSK220H Led traffic light is suitable for installation in both urban and interurban roads for warning the drivers either for dangerous places or for the existence of pedestrian crossing, school area or traffic lighting controlled intersection.

Among its most common applications are in dangerous turns, blind spots, dangerous intersections, work zone exits, uncontrolled railway intersections, parking lot exits etc.

Technical Characteristics

Led Optics

Light Signal Modules:
Module Color:
Yellow / Yellow
Module Diameter:
200mm / 200mm
Internal Fresnel lens
External Color lens
Led Technology:
3rd Gen. type High Flux
Led Units / Module:
Luminous Intensity:
Yellow >410cd / Yellow >410cd
Wave Length:
Yellow 590nm / Yellow 590nm
Power Consumption:
Yellow ≤ 7W / Yellow ≤ 7W
Power Supply:
85-265 VAC - 50/60Hz
12V/24 VDC
Operating Conditions:
-40°C up to +80°C
Ingress Protection:


Construction Material:
PC, GE UV resistant
Fir Green RAL 6009
Impact Resistance:
Ingress Protection:
Sun Visors:
Included (2 pcs)
Mounting Brackets:
Included (2 pcs type Γ)

Quality Control

Certification: CE, EMC, ISO 9001:2008, TUV

Additional Information

  • Up to 90% less power consumption than the incandescent lamps.
  • The type of lens used distributes light evenly, making undetectable a potential malfunction of a led unit.
  • Unique design of the module's base made by aluminum for the efficient heat reduction and proper temperature control of the led unit.
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length: 18.0CM
Product Width: 25.0CM
Product Heigth: 50.0CM
Product Weight: 5.0KG

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