Mobile Led Traffic Light Tempo Solar (Set)

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Tempo changes to Green

As part of its continual search for innovation, Tempo traffic light is now offered with photovoltaic power.

The solar panel increases the operational endurance of the battery, safely and at no cost. This results in considerable savings for you in maintenance costs.


Waiting Time Display

TEMPO is the only work site traffic light to incorporate a display of waiting time in minutes and seconds.

Visible from a distance of 40 meters, the waiting time display discourages drivers from passing through.

tempo1-pedio fvteinos shmatodoths

Easy to program

With the standard remote control the commands are clearly shown on the display coupled with its ergonomic infrared programming module.

Managing the progress of traffic on a site has never been so easy.

tempo3-control traffic light

Tempo can adapt to be used on all your road work sites

The key word is flexibility.

In its standard version the Tempo traffic light also offers the ability to manage alternating traffic at three and four branch crossroads.

It supports the management of cross-cycles and changeover cycles on green.

tempo4-Wireless Mobile Led Traffic lights

Technical Characteristics


  • Programming and management interface using an infrared link with mobile synchronization panel.
  • Module protected by a polycarbonate surface.
  • Alpha-numeric display of 2 x 16 characters, of all cycle, programming and check information.
  • Waiting time display.


  • The 20W photovoltaic panel supplies the battery through a charge regulator.
  • Photovoltaic module unit protected by polycarbonate.
  • Painted steel case.
  • Lifting handles.
  • 95% of the traffic light material is recyclable.


tempo5-mobile led traffic light

Communication Options

  • Radio link
  • Cabled link
  • Dry contact
tempo6-wireless traffic light

Radar Options

  • Movement Detection Radar
  • Control radar
tempo7-traffic light radar

Control Options

  • Radio remote control
  • Remote control panel
  • Call push-button
tempo8-mobile led traffic light control

Optics Options

  • Cross
  • Arrows
  • Colored Optics
tempo9-traffic light aspect

Software Options

  • Non-standard cycles
  • Custom functions
tempo10-traffic light mobile software

Priority Detection



Detection of vehicle movement in a priority direction activates the lights cycle (i.e. site exit, fire rescue, police, ambulance etc.).

The lights must be synchronized using the radio link communication option or the cabled option.


Traffic Regulation



Management of traffic flow time, as a function of the traffic density in both traffic directions.

The lights adjust to match the traffic flow (i.e. large numbers of cars in one direction in the morning, and in the other direction in the evening).

The lights must be synchronized using the radio link communication option or the cabled option.


Remote Controlled Lights



Light operation mode management using a radio remote control (i.e. set lights on red for exit of fork lift trucks or for safe working between the two lights etc.).

The lights must be synchronized using the radio link communication option or the cabled option.


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