Pedestrian Button Type B

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Pedestrian Buttons are used in urban environments offering excellent features, functionality and a user-friendly design for pedestrians.

They help regulate traffic at traffic-light-controlled intersections with pedestrian crossings by assisting pedestrians in getting priority upon request.

The pedestrian button DS-KP02 is suitable for installation on signaling pole and can be connected with all traffic devices which have pedestrian button output.

Key Features

  • Yellow polycarbonate casing, UV stabilized, good resistance against environmental factors.
  • Available in a tactile or mechanical version.
  • Multiple modes of operation and control to guarantee maximum adaptability to all existing traffic light controllers.
  • Optical confirmation of the signal through a luminous integrated LED system.
  • Possibility of incorporating an additional tactile button for the blind persons that generates a confirmation of the signal using vibration.
  • Ergonomic non-intrusive product for pedestrians. The absence of sharp edges avoids accidental injuries, especially for more vulnerable collectives such as children and old people.
  • Adaptable to the different types of column existing on the market.
  • Option of screen-printing pictograms and custom texts on the button surface.
  • CE mark and in compliance with all applicable current standards.

Technical Characteristics

  • Mechanical or tactile button with optical confirmation and by vibration (depending on models).
  • Dimensions: 180 mm x 67 mm x 56 mm.
  • Cover and button in yellow (RAL 1007).
  • Operating voltages: from 24V to 230V DC/AC and 10VDC (depending on models).
  • Wiring: 8x0.5 mm² hose; length 2.8m.
  • Type of electrical protection: Class II.
  • Degree of environmental protection: IP55.
  • Operating temperature: -25 C to +70 C.
  • Storage temperature: -30 C to +85 C.
  • Standard assembly on column of Ø109 to Ø159mm.
  • Adaptors available for assembly on a column of Ø90 to Ø250mm.
  • Adaptor available for assembly on a flat surface.


  • Level of protection as per Standard PN-EN 60529.
  • As per Standard PN-EN 50293.
  • As per Standard EMC 89/336/EEC.
  • As per Standard LVD 73/23/EEC.
  • Certificates DIN 32981, DIN VDE 0832; parts 100 and 200.
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length: 5.6CM
Product Width: 6.7CM
Product Heigth: 18.0CM

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