Battery 4R25 6V

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The Zinc Carbon DA-4R256V Extra Heavy Duty Battery has a long life duty cycle and does not contain mercury and cadmium (0%).

It has a big storage capacity of 7200mAh at 6V and it is environmental friendly.

Main Features

  • High capacity for appliances with high-energy consumption.
  • Better discharge rate capability.
  • Low internal resistance.

Chemical Structure

  • Cathode - High density manganese dioxide.
  • Anode - Zinc gel.
  • Electrolyte - Potassium hydroxide.

Discharge Info

  • 15.6ohm cont. discharging > 900min's (approx. 6.8 - 7.0Ah at 50mA discharging condition).
  • Self-discharging rate < 20% within 12 months.
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 6.5CM
Product Heigth: 11.5CM
Product Weight: 0.4KG

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