Led Intelligent Solar Road Stud

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I-STUD Evolution technology applied in DA-SRi15 increases the performance of solar power studs with energy storage by battery or capacitor.

The main advantage of i-stud evolution series is the use of microcontroller technology inside each stud, which provides several beneficial features and control options.


Led Intelligent Solar Road Stud

Key Features

  • Wake Up/Sleep function
    Allows the stud to stay in sleep mode before its scheduled operation, extending the autonomy of the battery.
  • Automatic Brightness Control
    Manages the stored energy, adapts environmental brightness and regulates its light level in accordance with the energy charged during the day.
  • Definition of the Working Period
    Set up the number of the operating hours of the i-stud after night detection.
  • Operation Mode Flash / Always on
    Switch the stud’s mode from ‘’flashing’’ to ‘’always on’’ and vice versa after installation.
  • Flash Rate
    Adaption of flash rate after installation.
  • Night Level Detection
    Adjustment of the lighting level detection (Lux).
  • Operation Mode Uni or Bi-directional
    Modify the light direction temporarily or permanently.
  • Low Temperature
    Detects the possibility of ice forming on roads and change the Led color to warn drivers about the dangerous weather condition.
  • Log File
    If a problem occurs, the unit is able to make an internal log (self-test feature) to discover what caused the problem.


Technical Specifications


  • Led Number: 1 or 2 Led (Uni-directional), 2 or 4 Led (Bi-directional) – 5mm.
  • Led Color: Amber, Red, White, Blue, Green.
  • Led Configuration: Uni and bi-directional with the possibility of using different Led colors in the same unit.


  • Projection: 12,7mm above ground.
  • Minimum Installation Depth: 50 mm.
  • Construction Material: Aluminum and polycarbonate.
  • Mechanical Resistance: 60 Tons.
  • Ingress Protection: IP68 and IK10.
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length: 144.6MM
Product Width: 144.6MM
Product Heigth: 50.0MM
Product Weight: 0.5KG
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