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The DE-OT2M Speed Indicator Display shows vehicle’s speed in green/amber/red colors and up to 5 configurable text or image messages according to detected speed.

speed indicator housing-front-back

Technical Characteristics

  • Injected ABS resin waterproof casing with integrated hooks.
  • Dimensions H700 x L709 x W107mm.
  • Mounting bar made of injected ABS resin, mounted on poles with brackets.
  • Front face made of polycarbonate, fixed to the casing with mechanical clip and gasket seal.
  • Waterproof housing for 2 batteries, USB port, dial selector and power adaptor.
  • Waterproof IP66 (internal pressure from battery handled with a Gore-Tex vent).
  • Doppler radar antenna: 24,125 Ghz (range 250m, accuracy +/-1%).
  • High-brightness Red/Amber/Green LED display with automatic brightness sensor.
  • Connection with the display for configuration and traffic data processing: USB, Bluetooth, GPRS.
  • Weight (without battery): 8kg.

speed indicator exploded view



Radar Antenna

Doppler Radar   24,125 Ghz
Detection range   10-250 meters
Detection angle   17°
Accuracy   +/- 1 km/h


LED   3 digits
Colors   red/amber/green
Size of digits   33cm
Text display   64 x 16cm (60 x 16 pixels)
1 line of 7 characters 16cm high
2 lines of 10 characters 7cm high
Visibility   250m
Refresh   1,2 seconds (configurable)


Dimensions   700x709x170mm
Casing   Injected ABS resin, grey RAL 7035
Front face   Polycarbonate
Waterproof   IP66


Wireless   Bluetooth, GPRS (optional)

Power Supply

Battery   12V / 17Ah
Autonomy   Autonomy 4/8 days
Recharge   220VAC, Solar Power (optional)

speed indicator cable connector regulator

Advanced Configuration and Statistic Analysis

The software can be downloaded for free, it is featured with a user friendly interface for advanced configuration such as specific speed zones, speed steps, anti-record function, text messages, time slots and others.


  • Danger Signal
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Statistics

Above features can be activated on site and without factory return, by entering a software activation key.

speed indicator1



In order to fit any type of location and cover user’s requirements, we offer a range of accessories selected for their simplicity, practicality and robustness.

speed indicator solarpanelspeed indicator metal-tripod

Solar Panel

85 Watts solar panel, including mounting kit for best sunlight exposure. Ideal solution for isolated areas where autonomy is the key feature.

Metal Tripod

Metallic tripod with adjustable height. This mobile solution is suitable for temporary solutions in special events like parades, exhibitions, municipality festivals etc., where speed control is needed occasionally and for limited time.


Touchpad 10’

The preinstalled speed display software makes it the ideal mobile solution for quick programming and control.

Dimensions H700 x L709 x W107mm.
Weight (without battery): 8kg.

Application speed indication system
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length: 70.9CM
Product Width: 17.0CM
Product Heigth: 70.0CM
Product Weight: 8.0KG
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