Led Light Tower Trailer (LLTTXL)

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During roadwork or in any work zone, good lighting is necessary. The demand for more lighting power has created this bigger version of LLTT.

The LLTTXL is a powerful mobile light tower trailer which is equipped with more solar energy and more LED lights.

The result is a unit that has a solar system up to 1200Wp which can be delivered with up to 12 LED flood lights.

Technical Characteristics

  • Aluminum 7 sectional telescopic rotatable electric mast.
  • Total height approx. 9m.
  • Electric lifting system (internal transmission system).
  • Tower rotation 345°.
  • All aluminum parts are painted.
  • Galvanized steel welded trailer chassis.
  • Rubber torsion suspension axles (including braking system).
  • Removable drawbar.
  • Aluminum painted body.
  • Aluminum lockable solar doors (with build in solar panels).
  • Aluminum body & doors painted in many available colors.
  • 4 Unique rotatable spring locked sprocket jacks.
  • 4 galvanized swivel jacks.
  • Ultra bright LED lighting 36.000 up to 111.600Lm.
  • Standard equipped with 8 flood lights, max. 12 ( 36.000Lm).
  • Optional stronger/extra flood lights installed up to 111.600Lm.
  • Automatic darkness sensor (switch on / off).
  • 2 brightness steps 50% & 100%.
  • Warm white 4300K color temperature (standard).
  • Long Life Gel AGM 1200Ah battery pack.
  • Loading plug 175Ah.
  • Power fuse.
  • Solar system 1200W (standard).
  • Solar charger.
  • Battery level indicator with shut down feature.
  • Weight ATM: 1350Kg.
  • Weight GTM: 1180kg.
  • Dimensions: L 2,6m (excluding drawbar), W 1,7m.



Standalone Time (Excl. Solar Charging)

  • 50% brightness: >28 Nights ( winter / summer).
  • 100% brightness: >15 Nights ( winter / summer).

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