Light Truck Mounted Attenuator (LTMA)

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Crash attenuator light truck

In road work safety zones it is imperative to have a Crash Attenuator present at the scene. This guarantees the safety of the personnel in the working zone as well as the safety of the people in the passing vehicles.

The LTMA is designed for vehicles up to 3.5 tons that are daily used during road works.

The unique and light design of the LTMA makes it possible to use it on all sort of roads, even on highways.

The LTMA is tested according the NCHRP 350 TL-2, meets all criteria of the NCHRP-350 TL-2 and makes roadwork zones safer for everybody, even when only small works need to be done.

Light Truck Mounted Attenuator at a Glance

  • Shadow vehicle : 3500kg pick-up.
  • Tested according the standards of the NCHRP-350 (pick-up truck as a 2000P test vehicle) TL-2-50 and TL 2-5, LT-2 70Km/h.
  • 70K crash cushion.
  • Aluminum and galvanized steel parts only.
  • Weight less than 290Kg.

Key Features

Bended Aluminum Tubes

  • Modern design.
  • Better guarantee for the impact conditions.
  • Easily replaced in case of small impact.
  • Maintenance free concept.
  • Available in many colors for personalization of the TMA.

Aluminum Hood

  • Easily replaced in case of small accidents.
  • A small damage can easily be repaired.
  • Easily repainted in case of scratch or small damage.
Crash attenuator light truck mounted
Systima proskrousis light truck

Construction Quality

  • Better image for the project.
  • Wiring and hydraulics perfectly finished in a separated compartment.
  • Perfect overall finish.

Perfect surface finishing

  • All aluminum parts are painted.
  • All steel parts are galvanized, ensuring the nice appearance of the product for long time.

Slim Line Design

  • Better handling for the driver when the TMA is in the raised/travel position.
  • Less air resistance.

Dual Hydraulic Rams

  • Ensures less stress than units depending on a single hydraulic ram.
  • Double safety during transportation.
  • Double safety during impact.
  • Double safety valves.
  • Smoother raising and lowering of the cushion.
Systima proskrousis fortiga-trafficproducts


  • LED or arrow board with different configurations and flash patterns.
  • Remote control.
  • Certified towbar.
  • Other options on request.

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