Led Light Tower Cube (LLTC)

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The LLTC is a hoist able LED tower light system with solar power and an optional 2 cylinder diesel engine with an automatic start stop system.

This unit is a hybrid system that can easily be transported, up to 16 pieces on one truck.

The LLTC guarantees a lot of light and great standalone time along with the eco-friendly CO2 diesel engine.

The galvanized frame, the aluminum tower, the 250L diesel tank are some features that make this unit "one of a kind".

The design and quality are unequaled.

There is also available a light tower trailer version. DV-PF8T.

Technical Characteristics

  • Aluminum 7 sectional telescopic rotatable electric tower.
  • Total height 9m.
  • Very compact design.
  • Tower rotation 345°.
  • Aluminum and galvanized steel mig welded construction.
  • 4 holes for hoisting the unit.
  • Fork lift tubes in all sides.
  • Aluminum cover painted in many available colors.
  • Dimensions L1280 x W1280mm.
  • 4 Unique rotatable spring locked sprocket jacks.
  • 4 galvanized swivel jacks.
  • Ultra bright LED lighting 36.000 up to 111.600Lm.
  • Standard equipped with 9 flood lights (36.000Lm).
  • Optional stronger and /or extra flood lights installed up to 111.600Lm.
  • Automatic darkness sensor (switch on / off).
  • 2 brightness levels.
  • Warm white 4300K color temperature (standard).
  • Battery pack: Long Life Gel AGM 800Ah battery pack.
  • Loading plug 175Ah.
  • Power fuse.
  • Solar system 500Wp (Standard)
  • Solar charger.
  • Hybrid Generator with automatically start stop battery charge system.
  • Kubota 2 cylinder water cooled diesel engine.
  • Brushless DC generator 2400W.
  • Silencer kit.
  • 250L diesel tank.
  • LCD control display panel.

Standalone Time On Only Solar System

  • 50% brightness: 5 / 6 Nights (winter / summer).
  • 100% brightness: 2 / 3 Nights (winter / summer).
  • With diesel engine and tank filled up: Up to 30 nights.

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