Toll Management Systems 


Conventional Toll System

The Conventional Toll system can combine different technologies starting from Manual Toll and Automatic Toll Payment Machine, to collection through Portable Terminals.

This enables audit functions, transaction control, revenue and incidents, and the complete automation of road traffic monitoring system at various management levels.


Automatic Terminals Toll System


Fully Automated ergonomic and high performance terminals that allow various tasks such as fee toll collection, entry ticket issuing and access point functions.

Main Features

  • Easy terminal integration.
  • Possibility of carrying out the collection using various accepted payment methods like coins, credit cards, barcodes etc.
  • Entry ticket readers for closed toll collection systems and issuing payment receipts.
  • Voice synthesizer, visual led indicators and user friendly controls, which optimize user interaction in order to accelerate the transaction.
  • Change dispensed coins and bank notes.

Free Flow Toll System

The Free Flow Toll system is a fully automated toll collection system for roads, highways and city access which does not affect the normal traffic flow of vehicles when crossing the charging point.

Main Features

  • Reduction of infrastructures and operating costs.
  • Easy low cost installation and maintenance.
  • Higher traffic capacity and congestion reduction.
  • Higher road safety and user friendly.
  • Lower pollution level.


Portable Terminals Toll System

The Portable Terminals Toll system is a mobile solution which provides a virtual lane operation in environments where space is limited.


The PDA is connected to a station, updates transactions to the central system and downloads the latest available lists.

Main Features

  • Personal digital assistant (PDA) with DSRC portable reader.
  • Receipt printer.
  • Barcode and/or smart card reader.
  • Software with graphical interface which allows various transaction types.
  • Validation TAG based on black or white lists and verification of authenticity using cryptographic codes.

Customer Management System

The high performance, web technology and centralized access to databases make this system ideal solution for the management of highways.

The Customer Management System also includes multi-concessionaire service, multi-level, multi-databases and multi-language features.


Main Features

  • Web system that integrates the functions of toll plazas, data acquisitions, registration, consolidation and processing.
  • Real time operation device control, reporting of traffic operation and revenues, fraud control, generation and exchange information with external systems.
  • Issuer platform of electronic payment systems which allows device management, comprehensive customer management, transaction payment, service configuration and financial management services.
  • Communication and integration with concessionaire ERP systems and external entities.
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