Warning Led System for Edging Points 

The Warning Led System For Edging Points is consisted by a group of Kronos Led units available in white or amber color.

Thanks to their high visibility, they are an excellent solution for edging points, cuspital points, squares, or any other dangerous points on the road.

They are made from aluminum die-cast painted body and can be operated in steady, flashing or synchronous flashing mode through an external control panel.

The connection cable is 1,5 meters long (various cable lengths are available upon request).

The system can be powered either by 220VAC or 12VDC by photovoltaic kit.


Kronos Led Unit
Led Colors White / Amber
Power Supply 220VAC / 12VDC
Material Aluminum
Dimensions (cm) Ø145 x 13,6 cm
Power Consumption 3W single side
6W double side
Lens Angle 120°
Cable 2 x H07 / Length 1,5 m
Ingress Protection ΙΡ67
Led Lights Edging Points
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