Parking Guiding System Indoor 


 The parking guidance system was designed in order to meet the demand for more user friendly parking lots. Many technological advances have been made, driven by a search for solutions to make parking management more intelligent.

The visitor before his entrance in the indoor parking lot, is being advised through the electronic signs in real time for the available unoccupied parking spaces οn each floor.

Then, he is being guided through the message electronic signs (directional arrows) at the parking lot’s locations where free parking spaces are available. The final parking space is being chosen by the visitor by looking for "Green" Led indicators at the ceiling.

Therefore the visitor does not have to travel through all corridors seeking for available space behind bigger vehicles or columns.


System Configuration

1. Vehicle Detector

It detects through IR and/or ultrasonic sensor the presence of a vehicle in the specific parking space.

2. Led Indicator

  • Green = Free space
  • Red = Occupied/Reserved
  • Blue = People with special needs



3. Electronic Message Signs

  • Indication of directional arrows.
  • Indication for the number of free spaces.
  • Other display messages can be shown, alternating or scrolling.

4. Gateways

  • Data collection from different zones (configured groups of parking spaces).
  • TCP/IP connection with Central Control unit through UTP CAT5 cable.

5. Central Control Unit

  • Collection and processing of the data from each zone.
  • Centralizes system information and generates present occupancy overall and by zone.
  • History Log and real time statistics help operator for in depth analysis for the utilization of the parking lot.
  • Parking management, having the ability to reserve parking spaces or even zones for VIP visitors, events, company meetings, seminars etc.
  • Internet/LAN connection and Cloud services.




User Advantages

  • Quick parking.
  • Less stress.
  • Improved vehicle circulation.
  • Fuel savings.
  • Less pollution in the parking lot.
  • Easy to locate reserved spaces for people with special needs.


More car space


Operator Advantages

  • Improves traffic conditions of the parking lot.
  • Captures client loyalty.
  • Increased turnover and occupation.
  • Provides real time and history data for analysis.
  • Optimized space management and profitability.
  • Minimal maintenance cost.
  • Reduce operating expenses and energy consumption (ventilation, lighting, etc.).



The system at a glance

The benefits of using the parking guidance system are recognized from the very beginning, as all visitors will prove with their loyalty that they prefer more user friendly and intelligent parking solutions.

The operator reduces the operating cost, the unnecessary vehicle circulation, the wear of floor and markings, and on the same time increases the number of customers having always available real time information on the parking lot’s condition.

The parking guidance system can be connected with electronic message signs placed in nearby locations (intersections, squares), in order to advise potential visitors for the vacant parking spaces and the direction to follow for approaching the parking lot.

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